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The Frenchies

After showing Bloodhounds for many years we met Diane's French Bulldog, Wally and fell in love with a "small dog" for the first time. Wally was a very special boy and after spending several days with him at the Bloodhound Nationals decided we might want a Frenchie of our own some day.

That someday came when we had an opportunity to purchase a brindle puppy from Joyce Haas and Kelly Wilcox of Hedgebrook French Bulldogs .Hedgebrook Fiesta on the Fly known as "Zip" came to our home. We co-owned Zip with Diane and we were hooked. Zip did not enjoy the show ring and made it quite apparent he would really rather be a house dog and skip the show thing so, in true Frenchie fashion he got his way.

Luckily both Polo and Tank did show their father's extreme distaste of the show ring Polo is now Ch .Wally's Polo Motion and Tank, Wally's Camouflage Force needs 1 point to finish his championship.

After getting her OFA clearances on hips, patellas, heart and Cerf on eyes Polo was bred to CH Hedgebrook's Lion King, known as Simba. This litter born on August 15, 2005 produced 4 puppies, 2 cream girls, 1 cream boy and 1 brindle girl. We plan to continue on with the Frenchies as we can't imagine being with out several of these "small dogs "with the big attitudes. We have been very lucky to have the support of both Joyce Haas and Kelly Wilcox as we strive to breed healthy Frenchies that can excel in the show and/or as the wonderful companions they are meant to be.

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Ch Wally's Polo Motion
Hedgebrook Fiesta on the Fly x Hedgebrook's Just Ducky

Polo was the only cream in our first frenchie litter with the other 3 all being brindle. She was TJ's favorite and learned at an early age to stand up and "holler" at him to come pick her up. She acquired her name because she was a big girl and looked like a little polar bear when she was a puppy. Polo has always been a very athletic girl that could more than keep up running beside the bloodhounds in her yard. We often refer to her a "princess" as she sleeps in bed with us often times with her head on a pillow or when it is cold snuggled under the blankets.

Ch Wally's Camouflage Force
Hedgebrook Fiesta on the Fly x Hedgebrook's Just Ducky

Tank was the puppy we hadn't really planned top keep as we were keeping Polo his sister, but after a short time we couldn't imagine him going anywhere else so he stayed. Tank has a beautiful brindle coat and a fantastic temperament, doesn't know a stranger. We have always said we could just let Tank loose on his own in a crowd of people and he would be perfectly at ease working his way through the crowd. Tank loves the show ring or maybe it is he just loves to go see the people. Currently he spends his time snoozing on whatever bed is available and waiting to go to another dog show and get that one last point he needs to finish his championship.


Hedgebrook Chiquola's Spirit
Ch Beaulaid Jasper Le Noire x Ch Hedgebrook's Carolina Flower

Mimi came home with a very pretty call name of Spirit that didn't last long. The first time we set her down and she started following Polo around the yard the comment was made she likes like a "Mini Me" and that became Mimi. She is a very outgoing and athletic girl that nothing bothers. When she isn't outside checking out what is going on we normally find her draped across the back of our couch chewing on her favorite bone.


TLH Got The Moon In Her Eyes
CH Hedgebrook's Lion King x CH Wally's Polo Motion CHIC

Squirt was the runt of her litter that we almost lost at 2 days old and who would have ever known looking at her today. Squirt is very affectionate with a liad back tempermant and gets along with everyone. She is Polo's daughter from her first litter.


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