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Sherick's Working Dogs

Kismet and Soze
Sherick's Red Hot Kismet "Kizzy"
Sherick's The Usual Suspects "Soze"
Owner: Kelly Carman, Police Officer in Washington State
Kismet and Soze Kismet and Soze
Sherick's Red Hot Kismet started training for SAR at age 10 weeks. She was deployed on her first SAR mission at age 11 months, prior to certification, at the request of a local police department. Once Kizzy met the certification standards for Snohomish County Search and Rescue, she had a walk up find on her first deployment after her test. Recently, Kizzy was utilized by a local Sheriff's Office in an effort to find a serial burglar. While Kismet didn't locate the burglar, she did provide a confirmation track to some evidence for the investigating detectives. Kismet has never met a person she doesn't love and she traps people into petting her by sitting on their feet.
Kismet was red collar puppy in the Razz/Fate litter born 3/4/03.


Sherick's The Usual Suspects is being trained for Snohomish County Search and Rescue; she began her training at age 9 weeks. Soze is progressing very well and she very well may surpass Kismet in her working ability. Soze is a very high energy puppy and the usual comment we hear from people in regard to Soze is, "She's so busy!" Soze has big paw prints to fill and we have every expectation that she will have no trouble doing so.
Soze was the pink collar puppy from the Shae/Fred litter born 7/31/09.
Soze Soze

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