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Sherick's Working Dogs

Sherick's Baby Grits TD
grits TD
Baby Grits is shown above with 2 AKC Judges on each side of her loving Mom, Elza Cushing from Texas, winning her TD title.

Huey with owners Jon Manna and Jane Grant. Active in SAR in Colorado.
"Huey" truly touched the hearts of everyone who met him. In his life, he was able to prove himself to the law enforcement community through successful tracks, and community service.

Huey was the most devoted dog we have ever had. He provided almost 13 years of love and laughter to his family. As a family his owners decided to put Huey to rest. This was a very difficult decision, but was a quality of life issue. Huey (being Huey) decided to do them one more favor, he passed away in his sleep the night before.

Rest in peace Huey
May 26, 1997 - January 26, 2010

Huey Collage

Shericks Chisos Tracker MT, MTI, CGC
Owner: Linda L. West, CPDT

Ch. Ridgerunner Obadiah X Ch. Sherick's Miss Independence
Tracker tracker showing tracker mug shot
Linda West (with her arms up) is the owner of Tracker. They are pictured here at a trailing seminar with Tony Plott (in the plaid shirt) running behind her. Tony is the instructor. Tracker has had great success in his finds at the seminars.

Certified mantrailer by Ken Pavlick, Deputy Sheriff, Canyon County, Idaho
tracker obedience tracker show
National 2002:
Mantrailer Intermediate
Passed first leg of Obedience
First in American Bred
First in Working Dog

National 2003:
Tracker High in Trial
High In Trial

Tracker does Agility to have fun and stay fit.

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