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Recommended Reference Material

The New Complete Bloodhound
by Catherine Brey & Lena Reed
Howell Book House
Available from:
Hound Dog Press
Bobbi Reed Eller,Publisher
1110 E. Rosemonte Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85024
ph. 623-580-0095
summers: 208-263-9437
cell: 602-405-2450

The Bloodhound
by Hilary Harmar
W. & G. Foyle Ltd., London

The Bloodhound Handbook
by Douglas H. Appleton
Nicholson & Watson, London

by Hylda Owen
T.F.H. Publications

The Association of Bloodhound Breeders, 1897-1995
by F. W. Daniel

Camino Books, Inc.
Click here for some Sherick's photos in their "Bloodhound Champions 1987-2004" book.

Hunting The Clean Boot, The Working Bloodhound
by Brian Lowe
Blandford Press
ISBN 0 7137 0950 2

Yankee -- The Inside Story of a Champion Bloodhound
by Roger Caras
G.P. Putnam's Sons
l979 ISBN 0-399-20688-4

  • Video Tapes

    AKC Online Store
    The Bloodhound - VVT406

    Trailing Information

    Manhunters! Hounds of the Big T
    by Bill Tolhurst and Lena Reed
    Hound Dog Press
    Bobbi Reed Eller,Publisher
    1110 E. Rosemonte Drive
    Phoenix, AZ 85024
    ph. 623-580-0095
    summers: 208-263-9437
    cell: 602-405-2450

    On The Trail!
    A Practical Guide to the Working Bloodhound
    and Other Search and Rescue Dogs

    by Jan Tweedie
    Alpine Publications
    38262 Linman Rd., Crawford, CO 81415
    800-777-7257 970-921-5005 Fax 970-921-5081
    ISBN: 1-57779-005-7, $19.95 + s&h

    Common Scents
    The Bloodhound in Law Enforcement
    By Jerry F. Nichols & Milica K. Wilson

    Police Pocket Training Manual for Bloodhound Handlers
    The National Police Bloodhound Association (NPBA)

    Police K-9 Unit Tactical Operations
    by Jack R. Shuler
    A comprehensive training guide and procedure manual for the formation and operation of a tactical unit to provide protection and assistance during criminal mantrailing operations involving the use of the mantrailing bloodhound.
    $25.00 plus S&H
    Email: - Phone: (618) 548-0303

    Practical Scent Dog Training
    Lue Button
    Alpine Publications, 1990
    ISBN: 0-931866-47-2

    Ready: A Step-by-Step Guide for Training the Search and Rescue Dog
    Susan Bulanda
    Doral Publishing, 1994
    ISBN: 0-944875-41-6

    Scent: Training to Track, Search, and Rescue
    Milo D. Pearsall and Hugo Verbruggen, M.D.
    Alpine Publications, 1982
    ISBN: 0-931866-11-1

    Scent and the Scenting Dog
    William Syrotuck
    ISBN: 0-914124-03-X

    Search Dog Training: How to Get Started
    Ed Stopper and Madde Watts
    A video and training guide describing the steps involved for training an air scenting search dog.
    Available from: Multi-SAR Technologies
    29 Regent Lane
    Chico, CA 95973 U.S.A. 916-891-6651

    Search and Rescue Dog Training
    Sandy Bryson
    The Boxwood Press, 1976
    ISBN: 0-910286-47-7

    Search and Rescue Dogs: Training Methods
    American Rescue Dog Association
    Macmillan Publishing, 1991
    ISBN: 0-87605-733-4

    Special Canine Services
    A Guide to the Technical Literature on Police and Military Working Dogs
    by Herbert Mullican, Jr

    Training The Mantrailing Bloodhound
    by Jack R. Shuler
    A "how to" training guide for producing a working mantrailing bloodhound. This book is directed towards the training of bloodhounds as a tool for law enforcement, but can also be used by those interested in trailing as a sport or for SAR.
    $25.00 plus S&H
    Email: - Phone: (618) 548-0303

    Video Tapes

    Scent: The Forgotten Evidence and

    Cadaver Recovery Procedures for Law Enforcement
    by Bill Tolhurst

    Available from:
    Media Productions
    49 Lakeview Parkway
    Lockport, NY 14094

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    Search Party Graphics

    Sherry Duling
    21250 S Michigan Rd
    Quenemo, KS 66528-8149
    (785) 453-2406