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Honey A. Glendinning
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Betty-Anne Stenmark
Lena Tamboer
George D. Taylor
Geraldine R. Taylor
Patricia J Taylor
Victoria Thomas
John D. White, Jr.

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The Judges Corner
Q How long have you been judging?

A. 31 years

Q. How long have you been judging bloodhounds?

A. 25 years

Q. Have you ever owned or shown a bloodhound?

A. Yes

Q.What important attributes of a bloodhound do you look for while judging this breed?

A. Substance and conformation, balance in the parts to the whole dog. Breed specific characteristics. i.e. expression, skin, attitude, and movement.

Q. Do you have a preference of color?

A. No

Q. Do you have a preference of size?

A. No

Q. What attributes do you feel breeders have improved on over the years if any?

A. Overall balance, and substance. Conformation has improved with less variations in dogs being presented, especially bitches.

Q. What attributes do you feel breeders have lost over the years if any?

A. Some have tighter skin than I like, some slight loss in temperament.

Q. Do you prefer to see a bloodhound shown on a loose lead or a tight lead?

A. Loose lead with just enough tension to keep them from dropping their heads down too far.

Q. Do you prefer a slower or faster gait for judging the bloodhound?

A. Somewhat slower--adjusted pretty much to the individual dogs (self gait). Too fast a gait is too often used to cover bad movement faults.

Q. If you had equal quality bloodhounds in the ring, which attribute would be your decision maker for the win?

A. Attitude

Q. Would you like to see anything in the bloodhound standard changed or clarified?

A. I think the new standard as written is accurately descriptive.

Q. Are there any common mistakes that bloodhound exhibitors make in the ring that you would like to see improved upon?

A. Yes. Many exhibitors in an attempt to move the dog faster end up appearing to drag the dog around.

Q. Have you ever attended a Bloodhound judging seminar?

A. Yes

Q. If so, what was your opinion of the seminar? If not, would you like to attend one?

A. It was a very small seminar and while informative it was also coloured by the bias of the presenter.

Q. Do you have any additional comments?

A. I have been priviledged to judge some excellent specimens of the breed, considering that we have very few local breeders, this has been a great plus for me.

Q. What size slobber rag do you prefer exhibitors to carry with them in the ring?
    Wash cloth, dish towel or beach towel size?

A. Dish towel

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