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The Judges Corner
Q How long have you been judging?

A. 23 years

Q. How long have you been judging bloodhounds?

A. 23 years

Q. Have you ever owned or shown a bloodhound?

A. No

Q.What important attributes of a bloodhound do you look for while judging this breed?

A. A wonderful majestic well proportioned head. This stoic breed is a joy to go over and I have had the opportunity to judge a number of them over the years. It is important to me that they move with a well placed open side gait. The dog should present to me the fact that they could track all day and not tire. Good bone enough to carry the body in balance and keep a very balanced outline.

Q. Do you have a preference of color?

A. No

Q. Do you have a preference of size?

A. No

Q. What attributes do you feel breeders have improved on over the years if any?

A.Temperament has improved, as I don't see as many with a shy temperament. Tops have become stronger with better hindquarters presented.

Q. What attributes do you feel breeders have lost over the years if any?

A. Some expressions have lost that deep thoughtful look and have become quite plain. I don't expect dogs to always look at me with mounds of wrinkles but when the head is dropped then I do expect to see some wrinkle appear. Would like to see some stronger fronts.

Q. Do you prefer to see a bloodhound shown on a loose lead or a tight lead?

A. Loose - A nice easy gait can only be achieved with the dog on a loose lead. However it is not always available due to ring size. Enjoy judging this breed outside, on the turf.

Q. Do you prefer a slower or faster gait for judging the bloodhound?

A. It is not a race and I like to see a dog moved at the pace at which it settles into a well coordinated trot. Too many people think that they have a generic mover on the lead no matter what breed and think that faster is better no matter what! It would do most handlers well to learn the best pace for their dog and try to keep up with anyone else. More often than not we are always trying to slow people down. So learn the best gait for your dog.

Q. If you had equal quality bloodhounds in the ring, which attribute would be your decision maker for the win?

A. I would have to say the expression and balance of the hound.

Q. Would you like to see anything in the bloodhound standard changed or clarified?

A. The dogs have done quite well for quite a few decades/centuries, so maybe try to keep the breed as to what it is and not what anyone thinks it should be......Just keep in mind the breeds history and what it was meant for and developed for so long ago.

Q. Are there any common mistakes that bloodhound exhibitors make in the ring that you would like to see improved upon?

A. The ability to show only comes with practice and judges should have enough patience to allow for new people and encourage not discourage. Let your ability grow as you show and become accustomed to the ring. They do not make any more mistakes than any other exhibitor, in my estimation.

Q. Have you ever attended a Bloodhound judging seminar?

A. No

Q. If so, what was your opinion of the seminar? If not, would you like to attend one?

A. Yes, but more than that I think it would be better to attend a tracking test with competent breed mentors in attendance. With a short history of the breed given perhaps after. Lets see them work and explain all their attributes at that time.

Q. Do you have any additional comments?

A. Question 16 is of really no importance- we all know they drool and I am never put off by it and most handlers readily make available their cloths for you. I always chuckle when they apologize for the drool, I know when they come in the ring that this is part of judging the breed and if you are going to be upset, then I would suggest you judge some other breed. This is a good thing to have on the internet and hope you have great success with it . Now let me know when you are going to set up a tracking judge training day and where!!!!!!!

Q. What size slobber rag do you prefer exhibitors to carry with them in the ring?
    Wash cloth, dish towel or beach towel size?

A. Dish towel

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