This page is designed to assist you in making a very important and personal decision. We have tried to tell it like it is so you should not get a big surprise if you decide on a BLOODHOUND. Picking a breed for your home should be a family decision as every person in the house will live with the breed decision and it should fit into your family life style.

Did You Know They Grow From This Puppy
to 29 Inches at the Shoulder and 135 Pounds in Less Than 2 Years

bloodhound puppy The BLOODHOUND is the oldest of the scent hounds as we know them today. All scent hounds today were bred with the BLOODHOUND as the base. The original purpose of the BLOODHOUND is not completely clear but in the time they were bred hunting had to be uppermost. The nobility of the day soon learned they made excellent trailers of persons and were heavily used to trailadult bloodhound and find game poachers killing the Kings game. Trailing of people remains its primary purpose today along with rescue and cadaver search.

Let us put to rest the lazy BLOODHOUND. What most people see and believe about the BLOODHOUND is taken from TV shows like the Beverly Hill Billies, Hee Haw and others where all you see is one lying on a porch sound asleep. This impression is very inaccurate. They are very active most of the time and this must be considered if you chose to own a BLOODHOUND.

The BLOODHOUND is a very large dog. The females at about 90 or more pounds and 24 to 25 inches at the shoulder and a male up to 135 pounds and 29 inches at the shoulder. One mighty sweep of their tail can clear a coffee table in an instant. I have seen two cases where the tail broke the glass in cabinet doors. Being a large dog they require maximum exercise and for this reason a fenced yard is a requirement. If you live in an area where substantial yard space is not available, long active walks would be needed.

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