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Now that you have read this far it is now time to check some other references. There are several good publications and web sites to investigate, some being:

The New Complete Bloodhound by Lena Reed and Cathy Brey is available in most libraries or book stores.

The American Bloodhound Club has a web site:

The Bloodhound Bunch web site:

In these web pages you will find much more information on the BLOODHOUND and a breeders list for referral.

Perhaps your interest is in an older dog. If so, be sure to read the The Adoption Center, the Bloodhound rescue site.

Also there are email lists where you can get a lot of help and advice on the BLOODHOUND. There are about 300 other BLOODHOUND owners here. Best of all its free.Information on these lists and how to subscribe can be obtained by going to:

Within these web sites you will find many other publications available from some of the best BLOODHOUND workers found anywhere in the world. For Trailing be sure to check out Jack Shuler's page at Also Dr. Hamil is a prominent Veterinarian who is also a BLOODHOUND owner. There are many others that will increase your knowledge of the BLOODHOUND.

The American Bloodhound Club is the official organization recognized by the American Kennel Club and its web page is very good and full of information and has a breeders list for referral. It would be the organization to join. The American Bloodhound Club has a CODE OF ETHICS, second to none and every member is required to adhere to it. There is also an award winning The American Bloodhound Club Bulletin mailed each quarter that is full of excellent information.

best in show
Best In Show


It is my sincere hope this information has told you something about the great and noble breed BLOODHOUND. They are not for everyone, but those who match the personality of the BLOODHOUND will be rewarded with many hours, days and years with this great beast.

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