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The temperament of the BLOODHOUND is now above reproach as a rule. They are loving and protective to what they consider as theirs. They love children to a fault, but because of their size and exuberance may not be suited to very small children. They could without knowing it knock a child down and cause an injury. BLOODHOUNDS play as softly or rowdy as they are being played with, if you play rough expect rough back. Its been said rub an ear and give a hug and you have a friend for life. Some medical reasons (problems or conditions?) can change this gentleness, so always be on the watch for behavioral changes just as you would for any animal. It is never a good idea to leave a child alone with any animal, and the same goes with the BLOODHOUND.

Note the Ear Fold and Eyes Just Visible
Areas of Needed Attention For Cleaning

new bloodhound owner w/ pup A healthy BLOODHOUND is a happy BLOODHOUND and so is the owner. When you get your new puppy be sure to get the shot record. This is necessary for your vet to complete any further shots and boosters. Just like humans, an annual physical is a good idea. It can be done at the time of the annual Rabies shot and will allow the vet to see any future problems that may be developing early. Be sure to set up and maintain a Heart Worm preventative. This is of critical importance as the incidences of Heart Worms increases each year. Prevention will save you a lot of money and the dog a lot of grief. Be sure to have the vet check for Heart, Hook, Round and Tape worms (and some I may have forgotten. Dogs suffer many of the same illnesses and maladies as humans, Cancer, Ulcers, Allergies, and so on. A good vet will be most helpful here. Be aware of two very serious problems. As with all large dog breeds, the BLOODHOUND is subject to "Bloat" -- a condition of gas build up and the inability to expel it.. It is readily apparent as the dogs stomach area will swell to huge proportions. IMMEDIATE VET CARE IS REQUIRED. The second is Torsion. This condition is where the stomach and /or intestines tears loose and then twist in the dog.. Again IMMEDIATE VET CARE IS NEEDED.

BLOODHOUNDS DO NOT LIVE LONG LIVES. As with other large dog breeds their life span is from 6 to 10 years. Some may go sooner and some few will live to be older. About 13 is the very high limit.

HIP DYSPLASIA. This is a serious malady caused by a poorly formed bone joint where the bone and socket join. It can be crippling and most certainly brings on arthritis in later years. In some cases it will cause limping and pain in a very young dog. It is thought to be an inherited defect and should be avoided if at all possible. Certainly any dog with it should be spayed or neutered.

Yes, BLOODHOUNDS do slobber. Most big dogs with heavy lips do it and ours are no different. In every BLOODHOUND home you will find handy wiping (goober) towels at convenient locations through the house. When a BLOODHOUND shakes its head, slobbers fly everywhere,windows, walls, furniture, even the ceiling. House cleaning takes on new meanings.

BLOODHOUNDS require a fenced yard. THIS IS A MUST. BLOODHOUNDS will put the nose to the ground and away they go, ignoring all calls to stop. With the head down and eyes covered they don't see any obstruction or oncoming dangers. They will dash out in front of a vehicle with out ever seeing it. They are after all a scent hound of the highest order and will obey that urge to trail. Hope you don't get a climber or digger. While not many, one can cause all kinds of problems until it is corrected usually with electric fencing both top and lower.

BLOODHOUNDS are stubborn to a fault. It is said "never tell a BLOODHOUND what to do, ask it", and this is really true. They house break easily and with some patience learn many tricks. Some people train them for obedience and some of this should be done just for control. They don't correct easily as they tend to pout and duck and hide with hurt feelings. They will of course make up when you apologize with a treat.

The BLOODHOUND as a game hunter in today's world does not make it. They are so large now and slow by modern standards. Most of the game hunting aggression has been bred out over the years. They still have the best nose in the world and that has been directed to man trailing. Scent discrimination , that is, to pick one scent and stay with it. Fortunately the BLOODHOUND is passing his gentleness on when cross breeding is tried and this is discouraging the cross breeding.

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