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Page 9 - They're Not Just Porch or Yard Dogs
"Puppies Training for Their Careers"

Before choosing to make the Bloodhound a part of your life and family.... review the following Career Choices our Bloodhounds train for.

Couch potatoes Yes... Good ole country porch dogs NO.

At 4 months old and 65 lbs. of lean, agile and curious nature, you must be prepared for their creative and unique intelligence. You must welcome it as life from now on and always as a privileged member of their world.... hang on to it every moment for their world is a very special place to be.... You must respect the Bloodhound's nature. Personally, I am their student, they are the ultimate mentors from whom I learn --- continuously.

Landscaping &
Wood Chip Tasters

cid & panther
Cidney & Panther
12 weeks
Butterfly &
Bumble Bee Stalker

14 weeks
Tree Trimmer
While Cooling it

12 weeks
Airborne Sprinkler

12 weeks
Watch Dogs

watch dogs
Cidney, Panther, Portia
14 weeks
Housekeeper &
Bed Makers

wallace and jazz
Wallace 2 1/2 yrs
Jazz 2 yrs
Career Choices Continued...
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