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Page 5 - Our Philosophy

It is my belief that a bloodhound should conjure up the vision of a hound that can work and should have a beautiful eye with the correct noble, yet soft expression, correct head type, correct yet not over exaggerated type, good health, sound standing rear and front with a powerful and driving easy movement. It should be easy to live with and be able to capture your heart and eye in the ring, on the trail and even on the couch.

No hound is perfect but every attempt should be made to produce the perfect hound from the points in our written standard. To do less is not doing justice to such a perfect breed. no one should own his breed unless they are prepared to accept all its traits good and bad as they are all hound and demand 100% of your love and respect. They will give you more than 100% back if nurtured correctly and raised well. Anything less than this deserves another breed of dog NOT THE BLOODHOUND.

The Churchil Photo Gallery
Page 5
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Ch Shericks Walter of Churchil
Ch Churchils Just Like Bogart
Churchils Sinsational Sable
Walter, Bogie and Sable
"Walter" 2 Years, "Bogie" 9 Months,
"Sable" 9 Months
Ch Churchils Notorious Natalie
Ch Churchils Col Sherman Potter

Nattie and Sherm
"Nattie" & "Sherm" at 2 years - 1988
Walter and Honey Bear Kids
Bred by Churchil
Ch Churchils Witha Twist O'Flint OFA

CH Churchils Witha Twist O'Flint OFA
10 months 1990
With Jim Adams
Churchils Sinsational Sable

Churchils Sinsational Sable
10 months 1987
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