Michele McKinney
898 County Road 749
Valley Head, AL 35989
email: churchil@earthlink.net
Page 2 - How We Got Started

Churchil's roots began in mantrailing, as a police officer who introduced the use of a bloodhound in criminal work capturing suspects and recovering evidence for my department and other area departments. We trained and worked both city and rural environments with great success. Thus began my obsession, love, respect, admiration and awe of the power of the bloodhound in law enforcement as a valuable tool. It also taught me exactly what it took to own, maintain, train and produce the working show bloodhound. To me as well as other breeders they are and should be one and the same. Today the bloodhound is still teaching me. It never ends. I still admire them and love them even more than 30 years ago.
The Churchil Photo Gallery
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Where we are today 2008

CH. Churchils Runecaster "Daveed"
Daveed, New Champion
CH. Churchils Runecaster
finishing his Championship at 11 months SEBC Regional Specialty 2008 WD/BOW
Grand Sweepstakes Winner Supported Entry 2008 SEBC
Pictured with his breeders and owners
Michele Mckinney and Sarah Green
Ch Churchils Notorious Natalie

CH Churchils Notorious Natalie
16 months 1989
Ch Churchils Serenading Sarah TD

CH Churchils Serenading Sarah TD
18 months 1988
Ch Churchils Maltese Falcon

CH Churchils Maltese Falcon
Ch Shericks Juswistl O'Churchil OFA Good
"Wallace Ann"

CH Shericks Juswistl O'Churchil
23 months 1998
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