Michele McKinney
898 County Road 749
Valley Head, AL 35989
email: churchil@earthlink.net

Inca x Bailey Puppies
CH. Churchils Incantaton and Churchils I'll Take Shuga
Breeders: Neil and Dina Forrest, Michele Mckinney and Sarah green Michele Mckinney

These puppies were born on Feb. 11, 2009....2 Black and Tan males, 3 Liver and Tan Boys, and 2 Black and Tan girls. All puppies from this litter have been placed. All inquiries regarding acquiring a puppy from any of our litters should be made to Michele. Please complete our initial questionnaire (or printable questionaire) or contact Michele Mckinney by phone 256-997-1137 or email churchil@earthlink.net.
CH. Churchils Incantaton
OFA Prelims 15 mo. Hips Fair EL-Normal BL-CA389/14M/VPI
Photo taken at 16 Months
Churchils I'll Take Shuga
OFA BL-1870 Good EL-71 CA-366
Inca at 17 months
Bailey with her Dad, Neil

Litter Pedigree

Puppies at 4 weeks
The Group
The Group

(Blue Boy)
Owners: Ronna and Gene Torrisi
Gable at 7 Weeks
Blu Boy
Churchils INCREDIBLE of Pinetone
Gable at 10 Weeks
Gable 10 wks
Churchils INCREDIBLE of Pinetone
(Camo Green Boy)
Owner: M. Mckinney
Forrest at 7 Weeks
CamoGrn Boy
Ch Churchils INCOGNITO of Pinetone
OFA Hips GOOD Ebows NORMAL and Cardiac NORMAL
Forrest at 10 Weeks
Forrest 10 wks
Ch Churchils INCOGNITO of Pinetone
OFA Hips GOOD Ebows NORMAL and Cardiac NORMAL
(Dark Green Boy)
Owners: Walt and Sharon Brown and Haley
Lucin at 7 Weeks
Dark Green Boy
Churchils IMPROMPTU of Pinetone
Lucien at 11 Weeks
Lucien 11 wks
4 wheeling with Mom
Puppies at 7 weeks
Yellow Boy
Yellow Boy
CH. Churchils IMPROVISATION of Pinetone "Farley"
Owners: Sarah and Chris Green Neil and Dina Forrest
Orange Boy
Orange Boy
Churchils IMPOSTER of Pinetone " Luke"
Owner: Mr. Craig White
Red Girl
Pink Girl
Churchils IRRISISTABLE of Pinetone "Scarlet"
Owners: Sandy, Rich, and Mosby Howery
Pink Girl
Red Girl
Churchils IMPRESSIVE of Pinetone "Weezee"
Owners: Kelly Ramirez Sneeringer and M. Mckinney

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