Having all she can stand

of the thumping young pup

she climbs up on the couch with a sigh.

One turn, then two, (that ought to do)

she sinks deep

in soft cushions, so fine

The pup, he does dance

at the edge of her head

not able to reach her soft ears

a hop, and then two, a moan and a woooo

he plops down with sad eyes wet with tears

Her doe-like eyes in velvet folds

begin to close at last

to drift, to dream, to find the trail

of a scoundrel on the lam.

Close! So close! She's nearly there

her find is almost had!!

But the dream turns wrong!

Her ear is pinched!

Something has her from behind!

She jolts awake confused at first

then horror fills her mind

The pup! the tormenter, that evil young thing

My god!



to climb!

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