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What about a bloodhound?
Is the bloodhound the right dog for you?
So You Want A Bloodhound!
      A guide written by Bill Ledford for new prospective Bloodhound owners.
            This is a "must read".
Bloodhounds: An Underutilized Resource
Bloodhound FAQ - by Cindy Tittle Moore
AKC Bloodhound Standard
Online and Offline Reference Material
      - Thanks largely to Betsy Copeland and Claudia Myers

Bloodhound History - Mac Barwick

The Bunch Membership

The Bloodhound Bunch is made up of over 100 people worldwide. These people enjoy talking about the hounds they love. Find out how to join us in email here.

The Adoption Center

The Adoption Center has links to the Bloodhound Rescue Groups in the United States. Go there now for those links, some success stories and other information on rescue hounds.

The Global Bloodhound

Global Bloodhound Clubs
Other Bloodhound Links

Search and Rescue

The Bloodhound in Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement
SAR Stories

Poems and Stories

True stories as lived and told by Bill Ledford
Here it is folks - the long awaited, much sought after PICTURE of "HANDSOME" Bill Ledford
Old Time Bloodhound
Old Time Trails
The Homecoming
The Deserters
The Rooster Series--Fiction by Beckie Decker.
Rooster And His Two Leggers
Rooster And Goose
Rooster and the Gatherings
The Magic Houndie--by Jan Tweedie.
Toilet Paper Mystery--by Noreen O'Brian.
Bosworth--by James Ryan.
The Hound With the Pendulous Ears--by Len Hamilton.
The Tormenter--by Beckie Decker.
One-of-a-Kind Love--by Wendy Lynn Carson.

Picture of the Month
Please feel free to send the webmaster any pictures you would like considered
for "Picture of the Month".

Spying on the Neighbors - September '03
Come on...Play with Me! - August '03
Summer Love - July '03

Previous Monthly Pictures - 1995/1996
Previous Monthly Pictures - 1997
Previous Monthly Pictures - 1998
Previous Monthly Pictures - 1999
Previous Monthly Pictures - 2000
Previous Monthly Pictures - 2001
Previous Monthly Pictures - 2002
Previous Monthly Pictures - 2002

The Bloodhound Store

The store, managed by Becky Decker is now open and we've added books!
Help out Bloodhound Rescue by buying one of these items!
Lots more goodies to spend your money on

General Interest Articles

Common Medical Conditions Found in Bloodhounds - by Dr. John Hamil, DVM
Understanding And Coping With Fleas - by Dan Becker
Emergency In-field Treatment of Gastric Dilation/Volvulus - Troy Veterinary Clinic and Rick Kavanaugh
Hunting The Clean Boot: FAQ - by Nick Sutcliffe
Jess The Dog Lady's Nail Trimming Tips - by Jess Sokoloff
The Making of a Champion - The First Six Weeks - by Diane Hoy
Lip-osuction and the Bloodhound - Diane Hoy

I'm sorry to report that Our Guest Book has been removed. We were unable to keep up with the constant advertisments, both Bloodhound related and not. It is unfortunate that so many must suffer the consequences for the acts of so few.

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